HVAC Systems for Homes, What your AC needs before the heat season

Preparing the home Air conditioning before the summer

Summer time is when the Air Conditioning unit becomes so useful. Any malfunctioning on its part would mean discomfort, inconvenience, and could even cause people to become cranky because of the icky feeling brought about by heat.

For a home to be comfortable during the summer, the home air conditioning system has to be prepared for it.

This is why most air conditioning experts are advising homeowners to prepare their air conditioning units even before summer begins. For one, HVAC technicians will not be overbooked, and secondly, if ever there are issues, it will be addressed as soon as possible without anyone literally breaking a sweat while waiting for the air conditioning to work in optimal condition.

Routine Maintenance Check

An annual routine maintenance check on the home air conditioning system is best carried out in spring, just before summer sets in. Most HVAC Contractors offer this service, and would even have promotions at the time of the year. 

A routine maintenance check allows for issues detection, troubleshooting, cleaning and inspection of both indoor and outdoor Air Conditioning Units. It also means that the HVAC equipment will be checked by technical professionals who have the equipment and training to detect possible issues.

Benefits of a Periodic HVAC Professional Maintenance

One of the benefits of having the HVAC system annually maintained is that breakdowns and damages can be prevented or addressed right away. It would as mean a longer lifespan for the HVAC unit since issues will be detected and addressed as soon as possible. Periodic checks also mean that the HVAC will be running in optimal condition and thus would not require as much energy to operate lowering the electricity bill.

Apart from lower electricity bill, annual maintenance also means operating the HVAC safely against possible chemical leaks and other issues that might harm the general health and wellness of the homeowners.

What to expect during an HVAC Check

During an HVAC Check, the technicians will check if the thermostat is working properly. Thermostat checks are critical as it ensures that the HVAC is generating the right temperature and is not overworking the unit. The HVAC system’s controls will likewise be inspected to ensure that these are working properly.

The technicians will then check all the connections, check if there are leakages or loose connections that could possibly cause the air conditioning unit to operate below optimal levels. The technicians will then lubricate all of the HVAC unit’s moving parts to ensure that these are functioning well. The power, electricity voltage, as well as the current levels within the air conditioning unit will also be checked.

Mid part of the periodic maintenance check is the inspection of the condensate drain. The technicians will verify whether the drains are running smoothly and is not clogged at all. If it is then they will be cleaning out the line accordingly.

After inspecting the condensate drain, the technicians will then clean the blower, the evaporator, and the condenser coils. These steps are very crucial as this allows the air conditioning unit to run smoothly, without demanding too much electricity. The cleaning and clearing out of dust from these parts are also meant to prolong the efficient operation and lifespan of the HVAC system. Air Conditioning Contractors of America

Lastly, the technicians will be checking on the refrigerant levels of the air conditioning unit, so that they could find out if the unit can still adequately cool the whole home. If it needs a recharge, then the technicians will inform the homeowner. A need for a recharge will also mean that the technicians will check whether there is an ongoing refrigerant leak that will only prompt another refilling down the line. They should address this right before recharging. Apart from ensuring that the air conditioning can cool up the place adequately, the step is also meant to prevent the HVAC unit from running and using up more energy than it should just to keep the temperature inside the home at a comfortable level.

How homeowners can prepare the HVAC for summer

Homeowners meanwhile can carry out some air conditioni9ng maintenance tasks that are not too dangerous to do. Regularly cleaning out or replacing the HVAC filters is one. Dirty filters do not just make the unit work harder, it also is a magnet for allergens like dust and dander.

Another maintenance work that can be and should be carried out by the homeowner himself is the regular removal of dust and debris on the outdoor air conditioning unit. This is especially critical when the outdoor unit is positioned near a tree that sheds a lot of leaves. Inside the home, the homeowner should make sure that vents and air registers are not blocked by pieces of furniture, curtains, and draperies. Air Conditioning Replacement Service For Homes

Another important maintenance work that a homeowner can carry our it to immediately refer to a technician any possible problem that he may have observed from the HVAC unit so that these could be remedied right away. 

Here is a video that shows how a homeowner can change his air conditioning unit’s filter.