How often should homes replace their furnace?

The home’s furnace system is an essential home fixture because it ensures climate comfort in any part of the house. Without it, it will be too chilly, and impossible to relax and move freely without bundling up.

But like any other home equipment, the furnace only has an expected lifespan. This expected lifespan of a furnace system can even become shorter due to wear and tear. When improperly maintained, the furnace can also break down often. With all things considered, when should a homeowner replace his furnace?

Furnace experts say that newer furnace models that are supposed to be more efficient and have modern systems, can work optimally for more than 15 years. The standard warranty clause provided for most furnace systems are usually above ten years, but experts say when a homeowner properly maintains his home furnace system, and professionals get to conduct a periodic maintenance check on it, the furnace can last its expected lifespan.

And while a furnace can indeed last for up to 20 years, it does not mean that its homeowners should not consider replacing it a few years before. Why? Newer furnace models can be more efficient when it comes to energy consumption and could save homeowners a lot in terms of reduced electric or gas bills.

Increase in utility bills

Experts advise homeowners that if their utility bills suddenly increase without any significant changes in power consumption, then it would be wise to check on the furnace. Have it professionally checked and assessed whether it is still practical to keep, or it is best replaced. If in case the assessment leans on having the furnace replaced, then it is best to think of the move as an upgrading of the current furnace. In any case, the homeowner can reap savings from the said upgrade.

Frequent need for repairs

The constant need for furnace repairs is an indication that a replacement is already due. When the expenses spent on repairs are getting more substantial, then a replacement or an upgrade should be strongly considered. Consult a trusted Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) contractor who can assess if it is still practical to keep on repairing, or it would be best to buy a new furnace system.

Safety Concerns

When safety concerns arise such as changes in the color of the flame of a natural-gas-powered furnace, then experts strongly advice that homeowners replace their current furnace system. A furnace that is running on an optimal condition will have a blue flame, while a furnace that may be subjected to gas leaks can exhibit yellow flames. When the flame is yellow, then it is highly possible for carbon monoxide poisoning to occur. Having a yellow flame should also be considered as a situation that calls for immediate repair. Air Conditioning Contractors of America

What to do upon deciding to replace a furnace

Once a homeowner has firmly decided to replace their furnace system, then it is best to research on the best brand and type their budget can afford. A reliable and trustworthy HVAC contractor can help with this as they can also have the ability to assess what the home needs. A reputable HVAC Contractor also knows about the most modern furnace systems in the market that could cater to the household’s requirement.

Moreover, an expert and reliable HVAC Contractor will have the means to pull out the old furnace, and safely install a new one. They may also offer financing packages for the procurement of a more modern furnace unit. Such financing packages can be beneficial for families who may not have the immediate means to upgrade or replace their malfunctioning furnace systems.

Moving forward, once a new furnace system is in place, it will be best to carry out annual maintenance inspections. These periodic furnace checks can be beneficial in ensuring that the furnace is maintained correctly, paving the way for a longer operational lifespan.