Choosing a New Air Conditioner for the Home

Choosing a new home air conditioner for the house should be an easy task. But with the many factors to consider in selecting the right air conditioning system for the house, the whole process can end up to be tricky.

There are a lot of factors to consider in choosing an air conditioning system for a house or a condominium unit.

When choosing a new air conditioner for the home, one of the first things that a homeowner has to consider is his budget. How much is he willing to spend on air conditioning? Is he willing to sacrifice convenience and aesthetics to save on upfront costs? Will he be okay with spending more on the onset, and then saving later through operational expenses?

Once a homeowner has already laid out his budget considerations, then he will then have to move on to consider other factors that would help him determine the type of air conditioning system to use at home.

Property Structure

The property structure of a home can help determine the air conditioning system most suited for its type. For instance, condominium units are best fitted with mini split type air conditioning units. However, it is possible as well to install window-type air conditioning units for smaller apartments or those with possible window openings where window type air conditioning can be installed.

For homes that have ready-fitted ducts and vents, a central air conditioning system can work best. It is also best for those who prefer the convenience of automated central air conditioning throughout the whole home.

Meanwhile, a combination of a mini-split air conditioning system and tower air conditioning can work best for homes who may want to have zoned air conditioning systems. With zoned air conditioning systems, different areas at home can stay cool in varying temperature levels, to the preference of each household member.

Home design should also be a factor when choosing an air conditioning system as the interiors’ look can be affected with the type or air conditioning system that will be used by the homeowner to cool his home.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is also another factor to carefully consider when deciding on an air conditioner to buy for the home. More and more homeowners are banking on air condition zoning because it allows the homeowner to set different air conditioning temperatures within the home. For instance, an unused room can have a higher temperature that would not require the air conditioning system to work harder and consume more energy.

Inverter technology in mini-split type air conditioning, as well as window type air conditioners,  can also make the AC more efficient in terms of consuming energy.

Size of the Area to be Cooled

The size of the area that is meant to be cooled should also be another factor to consider when buying an air conditioner for the home. A licensed HVAC Contractor can determine the appropriate capacity of the air conditioner such that it can operate efficiently, and cool the whole house appropriately. The need for accurate sizing and capacity is especially needed when installing window air conditioning units. The same is true when installing mini-split systems.

Need for Convenience

Another thing that should be carefully considered by a homeowner when choosing an air conditioner for his home is the convenience level that he desires. The most convenient and comfortable way to cool a whole house is the central air conditioning system. One can now control the central AC even from a mobile application such that the homeowner can come home to a perfectly cooled house.


Environment friendliness is slowly becoming a significant factor considered by new homeowners when choosing an air conditioner for their home. For these new homeowners, the smaller the carbon footprint, the better. Newer models of air conditioning systems are said to be more eco-friendly, with refrigerants that are not as harmful to the environment compared to the refrigerants used in the yesteryears.
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In the end, careful research can help a homeowner intelligently decide on the right air conditioning system to install for his home or condo.